French fairy tales stories

French fairy tales stories

By archiGénie Français

French fairy tales storiesFrench fairy tales storiesFrench fairy tales storiesFrench fairy tales storiesFrench fairy tales stories

French fairy tales stories assortment of one hundred eighty french stories with Audio

20 Fables and poems

* Tales with out internet

* Audio: works with the web (you can obtain the audio to use it without internet)

This app gives you several french tales before going to sleep you will positively love.

Enjoy the collection of enchanted french stories to have an excellent time.

Audio Fairy Tales stories Frensh

- Online translator:

We provide a dictionary operate to assist you understand phrases that you do not perceive clearly.

Here are the 180 magic stories tales from the collection of tales:

* The wolf and the seven kids

* The moon

* The three spinners

* The three feathers

* The frog king

* The queen of bees

* The fowl and the hen

* The Lioness and the Hyena

* Ammamellen and Elias

* Anta and Mamadou

* Dangerous adventures

* Baba Yaga

* Stick, tape!

* Snow White

* One who did not need to get married

* He who did it only to his head

* Cinderella

* Hunt the natural

* How saltwater has turn into salty

* Hansel and Grethel

* The blind orphan or the narwhal legend

* The Sleeping Beauty

* The Sun egg

* The lifeless branch

* Icarus

* The dove's ring

* The water of the earth

* The bushy man

* The invention of mosquitoes

* The woman who ate men

* The legend of the four beggars

* The boy and the shells

* The black pearl necklace

* The giant and the man

* The genius of the forest

* The moon and the banana tree

* The golden fleece

* The blue rose

* Brahmin and Goddess Durga

* The great canary

* The Minotaur

* The country with out flowers

* Tao's dream

* The little jackal and the camel

* The cat and the Mouse

* The choulame

* Raven and Snowy Owl

* The solar and the moon

* The tiger, the brahmin and the jackal

* Trees and kiwi

* The halves

* Salt Lake gulls

* The vulture's legs

* The presents of the Water Genii

* Faces on the wall

* The Odyssey of Ulysses

* The three wishes

* Orpheus and Eurydice

* Midas

* Narcissus and Echo

* Pandora

* Sanna

* Urashimataro

* The merciless emperor or the devoted wife

* The Mounou de la Falêmé

* The Princess and the Pea

* The Big and the Small

* Little Red Riding Hood

* The three brothers

* Origin of lion, cat and rat

* The grandfather who made the trees bloom




it was a narrative collection of tales and tales for you,

this French story and story guide app with audio provides you the fervour to take pleasure in reading.

This utility offers you many tales and tales, the appliance Contains brief quick stories in French with audio.

Tell me tales is a French book with out internet to study French.

it was a story collection of French stories, is a free audio books application.

This book as Audiobook Histoires morales et Contes de fées français,.

Listening to literature has many benefits:

- Help you understand complex language.

- Audio books develop listening and focus skills.

This app also contains GRIMM stories and African tales.

Ideal for learning French vocabularies for beginners



I wish you good reading

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