Speech Therapy App 1: Articulation Exercises

Speech Therapy App 1: Articulation Exercises


Speech Therapy App 1: Articulation ExercisesSpeech Therapy App 1: Articulation ExercisesSpeech Therapy App 1: Articulation ExercisesSpeech Therapy App 1: Articulation ExercisesSpeech Therapy App 1: Articulation Exercises

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Logopedie Articulation App for youngsters: articulation and pronunciation exercises. The app can be used to broaden the vocabulary. In addition, the app can be utilized by adults to work on articulation, speech and memory.

This app is designed for youngsters and adults with speech problems who obtain Speech Therapy. It is a good approach to apply with sounds which might be practiced on the Speech Therapist. The app is stuffed with photos, fun workouts and games. This motivates the follow and leads to better and faster progress.

The Speech Therapy Articulation App was designed in collaboration with Linda van Kleef, Speech Therapist. www.logopediepraktijklindavankleef.nl

Logotherapy Articulation App contains 26 sounds of the Dutch language.

(A, B, D, F, G, G clusters, H, I, J, K, K clusters, L, L - clusters, M, N, NG, NK, O, P, P clusters, R, R clusters, S, S clusters, T, T - clusters, U,V , W, Z


Logotherapy Articulation app 1

– Contains the next sounds (A, B , D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K).

– Contains the following clusters :

A clusters (AA, AU/OU, AAI/OOI /OEI ),

B clusters ( BL/BR),

D clusters ( DR, DW/KW/TW ),

E clusters ( EE, EU, EI/IJ, CENTURY/EW/UW)

F clusters ( FL/FR, FT/FD/LF/RF),

G clusters ( GL/GR, SCH /SCHR, CHT/RG),

I clusters ( IE),

K clusters ( KL/KN, KR/KW, SK/KS, LK/NK, RK),

– incorporates 1370 phrases.

– The price for all sounds is 6.99 euros.

Logopedie Articulation app 2

https:// play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pmqsoftware.logopedia.nl2

– Contains the next sounds (L, M, N, NG/ NK, O, P, R ).

– Contains the next clusters :

L clusters ( BL/FL, GL/KL, PL, SL/VL, LF/LM, LP/LS/LT/LD)

M clusters ( SM/MP, LM/RM),

N clusters ( KN/SN, NS/NT/ND/RN),

O clusters ( OO, OE),

P clusters ( PL/PR, SP/SPR, PS/LP, MP/SP/RP),


– accommodates 1572 phrases.

– The value for all sounds is 6.99 euros.

Logopedie Articulation app 3

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details? id=com.pmqsoftware.logopedia.nl3

– Contains the following sounds (S, T, U, V, W, Z ).

– Contains the next clusters :


U clusters ( UU, UI)

V clusters (VL, VR)

W clusters (DW, KW, TW, ZW)

– contains 1338 phrases.

– The worth for all sounds is 6.ninety nine euros.

Speech therapists have selected phrases that match the progress and issue. The goal phrases are fastidiously selected for variations in word positions, sound complexity and phrase structure. The app also features a handy “repeat and record” operate.

The app incorporates fascinating pictures and illustrations on varied matters. The photos include widespread objects, nouns, verbs and descriptive words. These are excellent pictures and words to help vocabulary growth.

- These workouts aren't appropriate as a substitute for a therapy session with a Speech Therapist. Using the app helps with doing homework every day, making follow fun and motivating. It is necessary that a family member is present and helps the shopper in his/her workouts.

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