Taekwondo ITF - AETI Exams

Taekwondo ITF - AETI Exams

By AETI Master Pérez

Application oriented to the preparation of exams for students of

Taekwon-Do ITF.

Although the examination program is that of AETI (Spanish Association of

Taekwon-Do ITF) belonging to the ITF of Spain, undoubtedly that its design

and straightforward dealing with can be very attention-grabbing and engaging for any

Taekwon practitioner -Do ITF.

In addition to the development of every exam protocol in accordance with the class,

you will discover right here all the Theory divided by matters and the videos of the Tules

with its respective which means.

With this application, the Taekwon-Do scholar will have the flexibility to have at

anytime and anyplace everything necessary to organize for a

new commencement.

Likewise, Instructors will discover right here useful material of great

value to refer to whenever needed.