Little flash cards

Little flash cards

By Michael Kechinov's startups development studio

Little flash cardsLittle flash cardsLittle flash cardsLittle flash cardsLittle flash cards

Educational cards in your child.

During the first two-three years of life a baby will get 70% of information concerning the world. Baby’s mind is quickly developing, that’s why it is so essential to provide him a new info continuously. But it must be done appropriately.

Methodics of American physioterapist Glenn Doman will help your baby be taught animals, colours, fruits, letters, phrases and much more in a brief time. Simple controls, lifelike footage, studio narration and sounds — get pleasure from it with the whole family!

For kids from 6 months and older.

All buttons have a toddler safety. Push and hold to make an motion.


— Train memory

— Develop attention

— Improve logic

— Develop associative thinking

— Stimulate speech skills

— Remeber letters and words

— Create a holistic image of the world


Cards are practical footage with white background that are grouped by themes. There’s a reputation of an object under each image. Narrator pronounces the identify of each object to assist your baby keep in mind what's on the picture and tips on how to spell its title.


All images are made in a sensible manner — your child may have a truthful picture of the world.


Soft female voice pronounces names of the objects depicted in the cards. You also can disable voice appearing within the choices and pronounce names of the objects by yourself.

Cards have their very own sounds!

Frog croaking, canine barking, cat meowing — sounds assist your baby remember more details about the topic and make memorizing easier.


Many categories of cards are introduced in increasing order of difficulty: pets, fruits, transport, physique components, numbers, letters, natural phenomena, emotions and so forth. You can complicate duties as your youngster grows — the app might be fascinating and helpful for a long time.


The app teaches to pronounce words syllable by syllable, making it easier to memorize them.


Even grandparents will perceive how to use the app very quickly. And as your child grows up, it will be easy for him to play with cards independently.

In the app settings you possibly can:

— Enable or disable the narrator voice

— Change the language

— Split the phrases into syllabes

— Switch on the vowels highlighting

You can even leaf by way of the cards manually or enable slide present mode.

Learn and have fun!

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