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DuoCards - Language Flashcards

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DuoCards - Language FlashcardsDuoCards - Language FlashcardsDuoCards - Language FlashcardsDuoCards - Language FlashcardsDuoCards - Language Flashcards

DuoCard is an app that can allow you to to learn a model new language or enhance vocabulary for the ones that you already know. Learn languages with flashcards and video language programs. Use our vocabulary builder to search out new words!

Learn English, Spanish, French, German, Russian or other languages quickly with our app for studying languages free. These easy language online programs will improve your vocabulary rapidly and seamlessly.

In DuoCards you'll study languages with movies and through the use of flashcards - Learn English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian, and so forth.

Language Flashcards Learning Method with Space Repetition

This fashionable language learning app uses flashcards to view international phrases, phrases or sentences to the learner. Once you have picked a language you want to learn, you will swipe and sort the cards as recognized or unknown. Space repetition algorithm will then take care of when you should repeat the words to properly memorize the vocabulary.

Guess Words and Phrases to sharpen skills

In learning mode you will tap on the language flashcards to show it in your native language aspect and also you swipe proper the flash playing cards should you guessed it correctly. Learn English phrases (or other language) meanings or basic words in your native language and swipe left on the phrases that you have no idea.

Integrated translator

Thanks to Integrated Translator a lot of the overseas languages are prepared to make use of. You can choose by your want and be taught English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, or any other from 50 overseas languages.

Vocabulary Builder and Performance tracker

Save the model new phrases in your English vocabulary decks and see the progress on the dashboard. See which phrases you understand, phrases you need to study, and completely discovered words with just a glimpse!

Video Language Courses

You can watch any public video from YouTube with subtitles and study from it. By clicking on unknown phrases you'll pause the video and display the translations.

Read Foreign Language Articles

You can even read articles in a overseas language to be taught a model new language or study new English phrases.

Features of DuoCards – Language Learning with Flashcards Videos:

✔️ Simple and simple international language studying app for free

✔️ Language flashcards learning method for quick retention of information

✔️ Tap on any flashcard to see the English flashcard and be taught the meaning

✔️ Learn languages free from a group of world languages in your free time

✔️ Clutter-free, minimal and interesting international language learner app layout

✔️ Use vocabulary builder to search out new words, phrases and sentences in different languages

✔️ Learn English phrases out of your native language or study a model new language easily

✔️ Easy swiping and tapping controls to move the language flashcards

✔️ Save the phrases, phrases, and sentences you want to be taught in different languages

✔️ Enter guess mode to evaluate your language learning free skills

✔️ Use the integrated translator to study languages free and save new words

✔️ Add words from shared sets or learn international language articles

✔️ Share words you don’t know with Duo Cards and study their meaning

Are you able to be taught a new language by utilizing a robust language studying app? The new learn languages free app is right here to assist you.

➡️➡️➡️ Download and use DuoCards – Language Learning Flashcards today! Learn a new language quick and easily with our video language courses. Vocabulary builder - Memorize it simply and improve your vocabulary!

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