Taculator Graphing Calculator

Taculator Graphing Calculator

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Taculator Graphing CalculatorTaculator Graphing CalculatorTaculator Graphing CalculatorTaculator Graphing CalculatorTaculator Graphing CalculatorTaculator Graphing CalculatorTaculator Graphing Calculator


• Your graphing calculator for highschool and faculty students.

• Includes all the instructions and functions for advanced math, record, statistics, distribution, stat plots, and so forth.

• Use the arrow keys or your fingers to navigate contained in the app.

• Covers everything you want: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics...


• Taculator is 100X quicker as it uses the large calculation energy of your iPhone/iPad, whereas handheld calculators like TI-84 or Casio are often gradual.

• High-resolution graphing window: Make sharp and beautiful graphs.

• Your new calculator weighs nothing and is all the time prepared in your telephone.

• Share your calculations with associates as a text message or e mail.

◉ Math Functions

• Scientific calculator with all basic arithmetic and superior features.

• Ability to scroll through history and copy previous calculations.

• Complex numbers support

• Probability functions like nPr, nCr, factorial, random numbers, 84.

• Enter fractions simply.

• Convert angles and use DMS format.

◉ Graphing Functions

• Graph each perform you want and hint for X- and Y-values

• Calculate intersection, zero, minimum, most, integral, ti, and derivative.

• Switch between full-screen graphs and normal mode.

• Zoom in and out together with your fingers and modify the window settings.

• Graph statistical plots like histogram, field plot, scatter plot, xy-line plot

• Draw vertical, horizontal, tangent, circle, ti.

◉ Matrix Calculator 84

• Store matrices and reuse them using shortcuts like A, B, C,...

• Do matrix arithmetic operations: Scalar multiplication, addition subtraction, multiplication, energy of a matrix.

• Calculate transpose, determinant, dimension, inverse matrix, row echelon form, decreased row echelon form, identification matrix, cumulated sum.

◉ List, Statistics, and Distribution

• Use the stat record editor to enter your record values.

• Perform 1- and 2-Variable statistics.

• Use lists to calculate min, max, mean, median, sum, product, commonplace deviation, variance.

• Find best-fit regressions: LinReg (ax b), LinReg (a bx), QuadReg, CubicReg, QuartReg, LnReg, ExpReg, PwrReg, Logistic, SinReg.

• Perform statistical exams: Z-Test, T-Test, 2-SampleZTest, 2-SampleTTest, 1-PropZTest, 2-PropZTest, TI calculator, ZInterval, TInterval, 2-SampleZInterval, 2-SampleTInterval, 1PropZInterval.

• Calculate various distributions: Normalpdf/cdf, invT, Tpdf/cdf, χ2pdf/cdf, Fpdf/cdf, Poissonpdf/cdf 84, Binompdf/cdf, Geometpdf/cdf.

◉ Command Catalog Syntax Help

• Get help with all instructions with our integrated Catalog Help part.

• It provides you with syntax help, examples, and possible error messages.

• Enter a command and the app will present you the best syntax next to the cursor.


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For extended options similar to more advanced calculations and capabilities, get the Taculator Pro membership.

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