Pororo Dinosaur World Part1

Pororo Dinosaur World Part1


Pororo Dinosaur World Part1Pororo Dinosaur World Part1Pororo Dinosaur World Part1Pororo Dinosaur World Part1Pororo Dinosaur World Part1

Pororo Dinosaur Series Part1, Be introduced to all types of dinosaurs!

Wow, the dinosaurs are alive and moving!

Get to know your child's favorite dinosaur through enjoyable video games and activities!

★ Introducing Pororo's dinosaur friends!

- Tyrannosaurus

- Pteranodon

- Triceratops

- Brachiosaurus

- Parasaurolophus

- Stegosaurus

- Spinosaurus

- Deinonychus

- Maiasaura

- Ankylosaurus

★ Learn and revel in via a wide range of games!

Coloring Book, Stickers, Music, Tooth Brushing, Medical Treatment and extra.

A collection of enjoyable activities to promote focus and creativity.

★ At the end of each recreation, good Dr. Eddy will train you interesting information about dinosaurs!

★ Play fun games and watch movies.

While enjoying the app, you can also watch Pororo dinosaur videos!

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