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We present you a wide list of idioms grouped by practical categories, easy references to understand, and practice workout routines to make your studying course of easier and faster.

Learning idioms and expressions is amongst the greatest methods to sound more like native speaker, as a outcome of idioms don't at all times make sense literally, you may need to familiarize yourself with the meaning and utilization of each idiom. This utility provides greater than 200 idioms, with graphical sources connecting to the which means of each one, and sensible workouts that let you learn them in a fun means.

With this software you can:

- Learn the which means of an idiom with a common usage and graphic sources.

- Get common workouts that will assist you memorize idioms utilization.

- Quiz your discovered idioms.

In this software your can be taught the next idioms and extra:

Once in a blue moon

Barking up the mistaken tree

Comparing apples to oranges

Don't cry over spilt milk

On prime of the world

Pain within the neck

A couch potato

When pigs fly

Be on cloud nine

Down within the dumps

Have combined feelings

Get cold feet

Is not the end of the world

Be over the moon

Have butterflies within the stomach

Drives you crazy

Time flies

Behind the times

Hold your horses

At the top of the day

Runs like clockwork

Kill time

From scratch

Piece of cake

Something just isn't your cup of tea

To be a giant cheese

Makes your mouth water

To have egg in your face

To have a candy tooth

Don't put all your eggs in a single basket

The icing on the cake

Early bird

Night owl

A chilly fish

Fat cat

A lone wolf

A celebration animal

Make a pig of yourself

A darkish horse

Put the rabbit out of the hat

Kill two birds with one stone

To rain cats and dogs

To scent a rat

To get the cat out of the bag

Headless chicken

Take the bull by the horns

Blow your mind

Cross your mind

Ring a bell

Rack your brains

Your thoughts goes blank

Keep and open mind

Off the top of your head

Keep in mind

Have the guts

Break a leg

Twist someone’s arm

Cold shoulder

To get something off your chest

Pulling your leg

To have a heart of gold

Breathing down his neck

Stand by yourself two feet

Got itchy feet

Following somebody footsteps

Fingers crossed

To give somebody a hand

Give the thumbs up-down

Get your arms dirty

Keep each feet on the ground

Grin from ear to ear

Keep a straight face

Be all ears


Put ideas into your head

Head within the clouds

No just a fairly face

Lose your head

Bit my tongue

On the tip of my tongue

My lips are sealed

Keep an eye on

In the blink of an eye

Have the eyes behind one's head

Catch her eye

Turn a blind eye

Roll up your sleeves

Dress to kill

Fit like a glove

Blow/knock your socks off

Put on One’s Thinking Cap

Be in sb's shoes

Caught pants down

Out of the blue

Green with envy

Caught purple handed

To have a inexperienced thumb

Black sheep

Golden opportunity

white elephant

Yellow bellied

Not a big deal

Larger than life

Miles away

Small fortune

Big mouth

Big time

To cost an arm and a leg

Time is money

Be a dime a dozen

Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth

The show should go on

Sound like a damaged record

(It’s) Not Over Till the Fat Lady Sings

Face the music

Keep one's head above the water

Like a fish out of water

Walk on air

Build castles in the air

Fight fire with fire

Play with fire

Come back to earth

Where on earth

Hit the nail on the head

Don't make me laugh

The better of each worlds

Don't push your luck

Your guess is pretty much as good as mine

Can’t make heads or tails of

Add fuel to the fire

Ancient History

Bad Blood

Like two peas in a pod

No ache, no gain

The backside line

Hit the books

Hit the sack

Fit as a fiddle

Under the weather

Getting a taste of your personal medicine

Wouldn't hurt a fly

Alive and kicking

As pale as a ghost

Give the green light

Miss the boat

Put the cart earlier than the horse

In the identical boat

Hit the road

No love lost

... and more ...

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