Equipment Academy

Equipment Academy

By Lecturio GmbH

Equipment AcademyEquipment AcademyEquipment AcademyEquipment AcademyEquipment Academy

Welcome to Equipment Academy your online academy.

This app provides training for Equipment Use Maintenance for Nurses and Biomedical Technicians.


- Video lectures: Learn review all related ideas sooner, easier

- Learning Material: Download a PDF of any lecture’s slides for later reference

- Qbank Tests: Apply your information and clear up scientific case questions

- Spaced Repetition Quiz: reinforce knowledge, pushed by a wise studying algorithm

- Bookmatcher: Find the best videos in your text book

- Bookmarks: Organize lectures in your personal lists

- Study planner: Plan your learning goals

- Text Book Articles: Deepen and reinforce your knowledge

- Learning progress control: Check your progress for every course

- Synchronization between all units: Simply continue studying seamlessly on another device

- Offline availability: Learn on the go

- Notes: Create notes about your lectures

- Playback pace: Adjust the pace of the videos to your studying speed

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