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Biology is designed for multi-semester biology courses for science majors. It is grounded on an evolutionary foundation and consists of exciting features that highlight careers within the biological sciences and everyday applications of the ideas at hand.

To meet the wants of today’s instructors and college students, some content has been strategically condensed while sustaining the general scope and coverage of traditional texts for this course. Instructors can customize the e-book, adapting it to the strategy that works greatest of their classroom.

Biology additionally consists of an revolutionary art program that comes with critical pondering and clicker questions to assist students understand—and apply—key concepts.


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Unit 1: The Chemistry of Life. Our opening unit introduces students to the sciences, including the scientific technique and the elemental ideas of chemistry and physics that provide a framework inside which learners comprehend organic processes.

Unit 2: The Cell. Students will gain strong understanding of the structures, features, and processes of probably the most primary unit of life: the cell.

Unit 3: Genetics. Our complete genetics unit takes learners from the earliest experiments that exposed the premise of genetics through the intricacies of DNA to present functions in the rising studies of biotechnology and genomics.

Unit 4: Evolutionary Processes. The core concepts of evolution are mentioned on this unit with examples illustrating evolutionary processes. Additionally, the evolutionary foundation of biology reappears all through the textbook normally discussion and is reinforced through special call-out features highlighting particular evolution-based subjects.

Unit 5: Biological Diversity. The variety of life is explored with detailed examine of varied organisms and dialogue of rising phylogenetic relationships. This unit strikes from viruses to dwelling organisms like bacteria, discusses the organisms previously grouped as protists, and devotes multiple chapters to plant and animal life.

Unit 6: Plant Structure and Function. Our plant unit totally covers the elemental information of plants important to an introductory biology course.

Unit 7: Animal Structure and Function. An introduction to the shape and performance of the animal physique is followed by chapters on particular body techniques and processes. This unit touches on the biology of all organisms whereas maintaining an enticing give consideration to human anatomy and physiology that helps students connect with the topics.

Unit 8: Ecology. Ecological ideas are broadly lined in this unit, with features highlighting localized, real-world issues of conservation and biodiversity.

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