Maths Formulas with Calculator

Maths Formulas with Calculator


Maths Formulas with CalculatorMaths Formulas with CalculatorMaths Formulas with CalculatorMaths Formulas with CalculatorMaths Formulas with Calculator

Scientific calculator with maths formulation is a best training device. There are greater than 1000 formulas organised neatly. The In-Built calculator has each scientific mode and standard mode. The app also features inbuilt maths related Applications and converters.

Best Features of the App

⋆ Calculator ⋆

• Basic Calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

• Advanced scientific calculations like logarithmic, trigonometric, and exponential functions

• comes with Dark theme and light theme with numerous colors.

• chose between radian and degrees

⋆ Maths Formulas ⋆

Algebra : Factoring, Roots, Powers, Complex Numbers and Equations.

Geometry : Cone, Cylinder, Square, Sphere, Rectangle, Triangle, Trapezoid. Etc…

Analytical Geometry : Circle, Hyperbola, Ellipse, Parabola etc…

Integration Functions : Properties of Integration, rational capabilities, Trigonometric Functions, Hyperbolic features, Exponential and log functions

Derivations : Properties of derivation, basic derivative, hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic features etc…

Trigonometry : Sine and cosine Rule, Table of angle, Angle transformations, Euler's method etc…

Laplace Transformation : Properties and Functions of Laplace transformation

Numerical Methods : Roots of Equation, Numerical Integration, Lagrange and Newton's Interpolation

Probability : Expectation, Variance, Distribution, Permutation and Combination etc…

Fourier Series : Fourier remodel operations and Table of Fourier Transform

Series : Arithmetic Series, Geometric Series, Finite and Binomial Series.

• Formulas Search Functionality

Matrices : Transpose, Addition, Multiplication, Inverse of a Matrix

Equations : Linear, Quadratic, Exponential, Log Equations and InEquations

• Surface Area, 3D - Geometry, Coordinated Geometry, Logarithms, Circles, Planes

⋆ Maths Applications ⋆

• Number Base Converter : Binary, Decimal, Octal and HexaDecimal Converters

• Number Series Generator : Arithmetic Series, Geometric Series, Fibonacci Series

• Volume Calculation : Volume of Cone, Cylinder, Rectangle, Circle, Tent and Trapezoid

• Area Calculation : Area of Circle, Rectangle, Triangle and Trapezoid.

• Roman Numerals : Decimal Number to Roman Numeral Converter.

• Ratio Calculator

• Proportion Calculator

• Decimal to Fraction Converter

• GCD and LCM calculator

• Random Number Generator

P.S Maths Formulas with Calculator is created proactively with wide selection of customers from Students, Engineer and Professionals in mind. This app is a irreplaceable every day utility for many who find it tough to maintain monitor of all important maths and Engineering Formulas. The in-built Scientific Calculator and Maths Applications and Converter is a added bonus characteristic of the App. Thanks for your continuous Support. We have lot more formulas and options coming up sooner or later updates.

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