HSK Magic Chinese

HSK Magic Chinese

By Intisol

HSK Magic ChineseHSK Magic ChineseHSK Magic ChineseHSK Magic ChineseHSK Magic Chinese

Learn and memorize Chinese Mandarin as if by magic, with a focus on the syllabus of the internationally recognized HSK exams.

*Genuine native audio supplied to accompany each HSK phrase and each instance sentence.

*Can be used offline with none web connection, as all of the audio clips are already included in the apk, so no further bloating of your disk house.

*Card selecting algorithm for fast studying mean that you could sit back and let HSK Magic do its job of forcing those HSK phrases into your brain.

*Learn Chinese words by HSK level: Each HSK word is offered within the context of a sentence to offer an thought of tips on how to truly use it.

*Learn Chinese characters by HSK level: words sharing the identical characters are presented in sequence to assist the forming of connections in reminiscence.

*Learn Chinese grammar by HSK stage: Grammar rules included in the HSK syllabus are here presented in example sentences with additional hyperlinks to exterior sources containing in-depth explanations

*Learn phrase tones by HSK stage: memorizing tones is vital to bettering Chinese pronunciation. however often ignored. Not here!

*Tricky characters - be taught to distinguish between related looking characters to be positive to can appropriately spot any HSK character

*Ads free policy

*Search: search for an HSK word (levels 1-5) and add it to your favorites.

*Levels 1,2,3 4 absolutely supported with 5 to return.

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