Lingwing - Language learning app

Lingwing - Language learning app

By Lingwing

Lingwing - Language learning appLingwing - Language learning appLingwing - Language learning app

Hey! We've been cooking this app for 7 straight years and we believe we will PROFOUNDLY CHANGE THE WAY LANGUAGES ARE TAUGHT.

The best approach to learn a foreign language is to immerse your self in it by visiting the nation, listening and speaking to the native speakers.

So we created the platform that offers the very same experience!


7 years ago, my father and I began learning a foreign language on-line but we quickly realized there was something really mistaken on the market.

We learned a quantity of phrases and phrases nevertheless it was impossible to begin out talking. Later on, we discovered lots of people with the same drawback and gave our entrepreneurial mindset, we set out a mission to create the platform that would actually give folks a chance of studying a language.

AFTER 7 YEARS of creating, testing and refining, HERE WE ARE!







with more than 5 intermediate languages.

With Lingwing you'll develop all necessary skills:

· Speaking

· Writing

· Listening

· Spelling

and you’ll have time to enhance your pronunciation.

· Study in a chat-like interface

· Native audio system will direct you

· Every course is personalised by our algorithm

· Our gamification tools will interact you

· No must memorize phrases or complicated grammar, our algorithm enables you to relax and give consideration to one process at a time.


For us, an important part is RESULTS. Just after a couple of days, you will understand you are already acquainted with the chosen language and have the arrogance to begin out speaking.


Imagine what you can do with our app within weeks! - Learn a brand new language from zero to a level when you will be able to read a newspaper, watch the news, understand your favourite music lyrics, listen and discuss to native speakers.

Our freemium mannequin provides you the chance to do workouts daily for free!

Isn’t that amazing?

Isn’t that what you wanted?

Try it now!

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