Ayetel Kursi Read Listen Learn

Ayetel Kursi Read Listen Learn

By Androazeri (Nural İsmayilov)

Ayetel Kursi Read Listen LearnAyetel Kursi Read Listen LearnAyetel Kursi Read Listen LearnAyetel Kursi Read Listen LearnAyetel Kursi Read Listen LearnAyetel Kursi Read Listen LearnAyetel Kursi Read Listen Learn

In this software, you possibly can read and take heed to Ayetel Kürsi in Arabic, and the Arabic reading is in Turkish translation.

What are the benefits of Ayetel Kursi? It is a verse that has advantages, secrets and techniques and miracles. It can be read regularly to wish in every day life.

Ayetel Kürsi is the most important verse about the science of Tawhid. For this reason, the virtues and advantages of reading are so many. The verse during which Allah's highest name is included was given the good news by the Prophet Muhammad (saas) himself. It is emphasised that those who learn at evening before going to bed shall be protected against all evil, and angels will defend them, as the satan cannot approach him. Its virtues are as follows:

- It is recommended to read the verses of Ayetel Kursi Nas Felak towards the Evil Eye.

- Reading after prayers is taken into account mandub.

- For sufferers looking for therapeutic It may be read as a prayer and therapeutic verse.

- It is really helpful to read the tare.

- It is beneficial to read 7 Nas, 7 Felak and seven Ayetel Kursi every day to guard from every kind of evils


- It is emphasized that Ayetel Kursi is one fourth of the Qur'an. For this reason, it should be learn so much to guarantee that the prayers to be accepted.

- Those who read continually will not suffer from hardship, problem and hassle. With Allah's permission, it's going to attain abundance and blessings.

The software is free and works without internet

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