Pocket Optics

Pocket Optics

By Alpa-Tek

Pocket Optics

Pocket Optics provides an interactive demonstration of fundamental principles of geometric (ray) optics. Optics professionals can use it for fundamental ray and picture tracing.


1. Fully interactive touch interface (stylus or compatible mouse is recommended for precision).

2. Supports numerous display screen resolutions - from small phones to large tablets and Android TVs.

3. Point gentle sources with variable opening angles and optical beams with variable width. The ray density can be adjusted for each supply.

4. Adjustable focal lengths for Lenses and Mirrors.

5. Apertures with adjustable openings.

6. Traces pictures of an Object all through the optical system.

7. Scrollable screen.

8. Bench configurations could be saved on system for future use.

9. Coordinate grid (can be turned off in Settings).

10. Optic parts could be snapped to a smaller grid.

11. Visual Help illustrates all interactive options.


Pocket Optics is inspired by Optics4 Applet by Prof. Wolfgang Christian, Davidson College (http://webphysics.davidson.edu/applets/applets.html)

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