Math Formulas - Arithmium Calc

Math Formulas - Arithmium Calc

By Daluz Software

Math Formulas - Arithmium CalcMath Formulas - Arithmium CalcMath Formulas - Arithmium CalcMath Formulas - Arithmium CalcMath Formulas - Arithmium Calc

Sensational, easy, intuitive, practical and very helpful APP for calculating math formulation. Calculating 2nd diploma equation, arithmetic progression, geometric development, complex numbers, vectors and matrices have by no means been easier.


★ Linear Equation

★ Quadratic Equation

★ Complex Number: Algebraic Form

★ Complex Number: Polar Form

★ Vector 2D: Cartesian Coordinate

★ Vector 3D: Cartesian Coordinate

★ Arithmetic Progression - A.P.

★ Mean Value of a A.P.

★ Sum of an A.P. with n Terms

★ Geometric Progression - G.P.

★ Mean Value of a G.P.

★ Sum of a G.P. with n Terms

★ Limiting Sum of a P.G.

★ Product of a G.P. with Finite Terms

★ Simple Rule of Three

★ Compound Rule of Three

★ Greatest Common Divisor

★ Least Common Multiple

★ Addition of Matrices

★ Subtraction of Matrices

★ Matrix Opposite

★ Multiplication of Matrix by Scalar

★ Multiplication of Matrices

★ Linear Equation Systems

★ Transpose of a Matrix

★ Minors of a Square Matrix

★ Cofactors of a Square Matrix

★ Adjugate of a Square Matrix

★ Inverse of a Square Matrix

★ Trace of a Square Matrix

★ Determinant of a Square Matrix

★ Power of a Square Matrix

★ Rank of a Matrix

★ LU Decomposition with Partial Pivoting

★ Games and much more.

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