Satyam Yoga Prasad

Satyam Yoga Prasad

By Bihar School of Yoga

Satyam Yoga PrasadSatyam Yoga PrasadSatyam Yoga PrasadSatyam Yoga PrasadSatyam Yoga PrasadSatyam Yoga PrasadSatyam Yoga Prasad

Satyam Yoga Prasad: The Highest Yajna

In this most sacred yajna, the providing is the sacrifice and tapasya of our gurus, and the divine blessing and prasad distributed is the yoga vidya. In continuation of the tradition of the jnana yajna of Swami Sivananda, the collected publications of Swami Satyananda and Swami Niranjan are actually obtainable online, supplied to all, with the hope and prayer that everybody might be benefitted and their religious life enriched.

The yogic vidya is extra important now than ever. When lived, this vidya ignites a model new flame of inspiration, a new inner connection, a model new experience, a new understanding, and a new alternative to turn into complete in one’s personal nature and expressions and to bring out the best in one’s life. In turn, it will convey out the brilliant thing about life for others within the ongoing yajna that's daily life.

It is with the utmost happiness and joy that Bihar School of Yoga and Yoga Publications Trust present SatyamYoga Prasad for the digital age. All publications are available online, as guru prasad, with prayers and wishes for the peace, well being, happiness and upliftment of all.

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