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Want to refresh your reminiscence on named chemical reactions before an exam or a gaggle meeting? The free ReactionFlash(R) app is a good way to be taught named reactions, perceive their mechanisms and view examples revealed in peer-reviewed literature or patents.

Designed and developed in consultation with Professor Dr. Erick M. Carreira of ETH Zürich, the app now covers over 1'000 named chemistry reactions. Professor Carreira has helped make positive that we have all the basic reactions that must be a half of every chemist’s toolkit: from the best-known ones to the ones solely Nobel Prize winners remember!

The app is designed like a set of flash cards so it could be used as a studying software in addition to a reference. Each ‘card’ reveals the response, its mechanism and examples from peer-reviewed, published literature. It additionally has a quiz mode that permits you to check your data.

Linking into Reaxys enables you to discover the most recent examples of each reaction, many with experimental details. Reaxys delivers experimental details from the literature, enabling researchers to search out the best artificial routes and conditions. Find out more at

Download the app now and see if you understand all of the named reactions!


- Learn named reactions

- Review and perceive mechanisms

- Explore examples printed in peer-reviewed literature

- Take the ReactionFlash quiz and see how a lot you know

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