Learn Farsi Persian

Learn Farsi Persian

By LuvLingua

Learn Farsi PersianLearn Farsi PersianLearn Farsi PersianLearn Farsi PersianLearn Farsi Persian

Learn Farsi Persian language, alphabet and grammar with LuvLingua.

Begin the training experience already loved by hundreds of thousands around the globe.

LuvLingua education apps educate you through enjoyable games, and beginner to intermediate degree courses.

Study core words and important phrases to construct a robust basis of Persian / Farsi.

Understand and speak Farsi Persian to speak more effectively!

Recommended for faculty students, teachers, travellers, and business individuals who wish to be taught Persian Farsi.

Gain confidence and stage up your capacity with the beginner course.

200 lessons that systematically teach and evaluate new vocabulary, as nicely as allow you to assemble sentences and questions.

Designed for college students to train and enhance basic language skills knowledge.

Made by lecturers to help and cater to different learning styles.

- Visual (Picture Memory Game)

- Auditory (Listening Quiz)

- Read-Write (Writing Multichoice Quiz, Word Guess)

- Kinesthetic (Animation Target Game)

Progress in easy, straightforward stages and remember new lingo in a fast, enjoyable way.

Convenient and interactive phrasebook, filled with useful everyday conversation, and sorted into helpful categories.

The phrasebook consists of vocabulary and dialogues for greetings, asking instructions and telling time.

Test the fundamentals with flashcards of numbers, meals, clothes, colors and body components.

Learn vocabulary and dialog to use in emergencies, faculty, shopping, travel and work.

Listen to high quality genuine audio of native speakers with clear pronunciation.

Test your listening and speaking capability, and grasp the right pronunciation.

Alphabet lookup menu and quiz.

Recognise, read and check the alphabet.

Grammar part and sentence builder.

Practice, evaluate and improve your grammar capability.

Study the nouns, verbs and adjectives you want.

Quickly and easily lookup a word or phrase in the search part and save it to your favorites for later research.

Track your progress and achieve achievements.

Options to alter user language, hide / show romanisation.

Words are translated into over 30 languages together with English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese (simplified and conventional characters).

Carefully translated by bilingual native speakers and never by computer systems / on-line translators.

Learn offline without internet connection.

This app is for all ages. All content material in this app is protected for teenagers and adults.

Lots of free content. Buy the subscription to entry all the content material.

More superior curriculum might be added quickly.

We are committed to frequently updating this app.

Please send us recommendations about what we will add or enhance.

Bugs, suggestions or help = [email protected]

Learn Farsi Persian for journey in Iran, work, college, or to talk to associates.

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