Learn Italian professionally

Learn Italian professionally

By Najah Alhussein

Learn Italian professionallyLearn Italian professionallyLearn Italian professionallyLearn Italian professionallyLearn Italian professionally

Learn the Italian language in Arabic and without the Internet

The first section

In this section there are roughly 2040 audio clips between Arabic and Italian

for each audio clip There is a corresponding sentence or phrase in the Arabic language and the Italian language

Section Two

Learning the Italian language with the most important words and phrases

Games and puzzles for practice

> The second section accommodates an important words within the Italian language translated into Arabic with their pronunciation

Every word and each sentence is written in the Italian language and in addition written in the Arabic language to help the consumer know tips on how to pronounce the word or sentence

There are a quantity of video games and exams within the software that help you follow memorizing phrases and sentences

The third section

It is a piece of conversations translated from Italian to Arabic that contains lots of conversations if you master the phrases In the third part, you will be able to talk the Italian language in a brief time

All part works with out internet solely the voices in the third section want web

Fourth part

A part each week Video

This section just isn't affiliated with The program is a feature that I actually have developed for many who have a brand new Internet in order that I broadcast new lessons to them each period

Section Five

This part incorporates twenty movies that can be downloaded and watched without the Internet

The utility is in its early levels and, God keen, it will be expanded based on your needs sooner or later

Any suggestion to develop the program or add stories send it to us and it will be verified and then we'll gladly publish it to you

I hope you success success and progress

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