Thinkrolls - Logic Puzzles

Thinkrolls - Logic Puzzles

By Avokiddo

Thinkrolls - Logic PuzzlesThinkrolls - Logic PuzzlesThinkrolls - Logic PuzzlesThinkrolls - Logic PuzzlesThinkrolls - Logic Puzzles

Set your youngsters's mind in motion! Thinkrolls are the 26 smart characters in this award-winning app that is half physics platformer, half logic puzzle game and 100% irresistible for teenagers 3-8. Get it now and let your little geniuses amaze you with their reasoning and drawback solving skills!


• Parents’ Choice Award Winner

• Named one of many 10 Top Kids Apps of 2014 by USA Today!

• Adorable physics platformer creates little problem-solvers. - Top Pick by Common Sense Media

• Thinkrolls has truly become a family affair...I enthusiastically suggest it. - 148 Apps

• Another smash hit by these ingenious and award successful builders. - Teachers With Apps

• Editors' Choice by Children's Technology Review Tech With Kids



Have a blast navigating your Thinkrolls by way of a series of obstacles in brightly patterned mazes. The objective is to unravel the puzzles and reach the tip of the maze where a new Thinkroll waits to be unlocked and lead the following quest!


The app offers 207 intelligent puzzle ranges. Seven enjoyable elements with distinctive bodily properties are steadily launched. Kids will discover through hands-on manipulation the way to use these objects to their advantage and clear a path.

• Cookies • Munch them to clear a path or resist those treats to keep away from getting trapped!

• Crates • Push them to fill gaps or stack them to succeed in higher floor.

• Balloons • Burst them on spikes to get them out of your method.

• Rocks • Get a crash course in Newtonian physics by dropping heavy, dense boulders to break via cracked ground.

• Jelly • Bounce Thinkrolls and objects on springy jellies to launch them up.

• Fire • Use ice blocks to put out the fireplace and safely cross through.

• Elevators • Timing is added to the mix! Synchronize actions of two completely different elevators to navigate via the maze.

Little players will grasp the art of considering while utilizing to their advantage force, acceleration, buoyancy, warmth, elasticity and gravity to achieve the top of the maze. The puzzles progressively construct upon successive classes to strengthen remark, inventive considering, logic, drawback solving, spatial cognition and reminiscence.

There's no failure here. There are unlimited tries and no penalties. As youngsters strive totally different mixtures to attain their goal, they intuitively learn through trial and error what works. They should think ahead, use exact timing and rely on their reminiscence to reunite their Thinkroll buddies.



• 207 difficult levels with mind-sharpening puzzles

• Easy mode for ages 3-5, onerous mode for ages 5-8

• Hands-on physics lessons

• Experiment with gravity, heat, buoyancy, velocity, friction, elasticity and more

• Enhance logic, spatial cognition, problem solving, reminiscence, perseverance

• 26 hilarious, tremendous good characters to play with

• Fun to play for the entire family

• Track progress for as much as 9 player profiles

• Supreme design and delightful artwork

• Original soundtrack and sound design

• Language impartial game-play

• COPPA compliant, no 3rd party adverts, no in-app purchases

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