Hausa Basic Phrases

Hausa Basic Phrases

By Qvyshift LLC

Hausa Basic Phrases

Military-related Hausa phrases for language learners. With Hausa text and audio.

Using this app, you can choose an English phrase and view its translation and the means to pronounce it in Hausa.

This app was originally developed as an entry to the 2010 CIO/G6 Apps for the Army competition, and it is based on the modules publicly out there online from the united states Defense Language Institute. While this app's subject matter relates mainly to army topics, the app is broadly helpful with content material relating to a range of topics.

• Easy to use

• Native speaker audio

• Dictionary lookup

• Pronunciation assist: Transliteration/Romanization text

• Over 600 phrases

• Voice-based lookup (speak the phrase you need in English)

• Good for language learning, or as a reference

This app is a part of a collection of phrasebook apps printed for a lot of totally different languages and dialects. Phrasebooks within the collection are available as primary and medical variants.

• Text may be exported as Anki flash cards

• Works offline: No network connection is required

• Search bar for quick vocabulary lookup

• No login or registration needed

• Dark background color minimizes eye strain

Many of the languages covered by this sequence of phrasebook apps are under-resourced, with translation apps and dictionaries not broadly available from other sources.


Commands, Warnings and Instructions

Helpful Words, Phrases and Questions

Greetings and Introductions



Days of the Week/Time



Descriptions (Colors, Shapes, Sizes, Tastes, Qualities, Quantities)

Emergency Terms

Food and Sanitation

Fuel and Maintenance

Medical Terms/General

Medical Terms/Parts of the Body

Military Ranks



Customs (Port of Entry)



General Military Terms

Mine Warfare Terms

How to use

1. Choose a topic category from the menu. That class will be expanded.

2. From the expanded listing of phrases shown, tap on the phrase you need.

3. On the phrase detail page, the Hausa phrase is proven alongside its pronunciation and the equal English phrase. Press the Play button to hear to the audio pronunciation by a local speaker.

Ideal for

• U.S. navy service members

• Doctors, nurses, and medical professionals

• Travelers

• Aid workers

• Linguists

Languages and dialects out there on this series

Albanian, Algerian, Amharic, Azeri, Baluchi, Bengali, Bosnian, Burmese, Cantonese, Cebuano, Chavacano, Croatian, Czech, Dari, Egyptian, Emirati, French, Gan (Jiangxinese), Georgian, Gujarati, Haitian, Hassaniya, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Igbo, Ilocano, Indonesian (Bahasa), Iraqi, Japanese, Javanese, Jordanian, Kashmiri, Kazakh, Khmer, Korean (North), Kosovar (Albanian), Kurmanji, Kyrgyz, Lebanese, Libyan, Lingala, Malay, Mandarin, Mongolian, Moroccan, Nepali, Palestinian, Pashto (Afghanistan), Pashto (Pakistan), Persian-Farsi, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Europe), Punjabi, Quechua, Russian, Saudi, Serbian, Sindhi, Somali, Sorani, Spanish (Colombia), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Venezuela), Sudanese, Swahili, Syrian, Tagalog, Tajik, Tamashek, Tamil, Tausug, Telugu, Thai, Tigrinya, Tunisian, Turkish, Turkmen, Uighur, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Shanghainese, Yakan, Yemeni, Yoruba

Making flash cards: Launch app and select Flash playing cards from the menu within the top nook, and follow the prompts.

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