Deadly Adele Stickers

Deadly Adele Stickers


Deadly Adele StickersDeadly Adele StickersDeadly Adele StickersDeadly Adele StickersDeadly Adele Stickers

Are you a fan of the deadliest comedian book collection within the universe? These official stickers are made for you!

- Deadly Expressions! (8 Stickers): Deadly!!!, Funky Moumoute!!!, I don't love anyone!, You don't wish to climb on my catapult?, Push the ugly ones!,

BERK!, TOO DEATH!, Do you want my Photo?

- Adele poses for you (22 stickers)

- The other characters (19 stickers): Ajax, Jade, Marcus, Owen, Jennyfer, Ludovic

- Mortal objects (12 stickers)

- Book covers (17 stickers)

To obtain for free and share without moderation!


Mortelle Adèle is the impertinent heroine of the collection with greater than 5 million readers created by Mr Tan, illustrated by Miss Prickly (volumes 1 to 7) and Diane Le Feyer (volume 8 and following).

Mortelle Adèle tells the day by day lifetime of somewhat lady with a robust character, named Adèle, who takes a cynical and uncompromising look at the world around her!

© 2019 Bayard Youth

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