My SOS Family Emergency Alerts

My SOS Family Emergency Alerts

By My SOS Family Ltd

My SOS Family Emergency AlertsMy SOS Family Emergency AlertsMy SOS Family Emergency AlertsMy SOS Family Emergency AlertsMy SOS Family Emergency Alerts

For anyone who spends time alone.

-- Feel Safer - Never Alone --

S.O.S. Help Made Easy (FREE Trial).

Peace of Mind you’re Never Alone Always Connected to Help

- Incredibly Fast - Easy-to-use - Emergency Alert App.

You, your Family or Staff will Feel Safer, Never Alone.

--- Easy to make use of ---

Hit the Big Button

Or Say YES when requested Would you want me to send for help?

Alerts include a unique 'First-Responder' rescue assistant that enable emergency contact to easily turn into the 1st Responder, updating others so they can stand down.

S.O.S. emergency contacts are all alerted immediately by us with emergency calls and group texts allowing you to proceed to use your phone to call 911 (or use our automated 911 autodial setting).

Only Alert and rescue system that makes simultaneous emergency telephone calls emergency SMS's signalling your emergency contacts.

Emergency contacts DON’T want any Apps, Data or Wi-Fi, they only want ANY type of cellphone.

Add UNLIMITED Family, Co-workers, Friends neighbours.

Alerts embrace GPS location of person (use Google's Find My Device or Find My Phone to track) maintaining customers privacy - we do not observe.

Link the app to our Amazon Alexa Emergency Skill or Google Nest App FREE.

‘Peace of Mind’ anytime anybody is Alone.

---Types of users---

- Senior Citizens / Elderly Carers (easy-to-use)

- Employers bettering employees Safety Protection (Lone Workers)

- Self Isolated users

- Special Needs users (Blind or Disabled people)

- Anyone travelling Alone (supports when abroad)

- Any Family, Friend or Neighbors when Alone

- Teenagers when they're Alone (travel to school activities)

- Women (on a Blind date)

---Many easy methods to get assist fast---

1. Open Tap the App

2. Long Press Power button without unlocking telephone to trigger alerts.

In order to permit the Power Button Long Press event, the App requires access to the Accessibility service API. To allow this function the consumer should grant Accessibility permission.

The App makes use of accessibility capabilities solely to achieve the Power Button lengthy press occasion and Accessibility API doesn't acquire any private info of any sort.

3. Create Tap Shortcut Button / tile on Home Screen

4. Say “OK Google Open My SOS Family App”.

---Unique Safety Features---

5. SOS Countdown Timer (like Egg Timer), S.O.S. Emergency Alarm Beacon is triggered and emergency contacts are alerted if timer reaches '0' not cancelled even when your cellphone is taken or smashed.

---If you have time---

6. Add custom message to SOS Signal.

7. Add a photograph to SOS Signals (stranger danger)


8. Default setting is; all emergency contact are alerted simultaneously, you probably can change this so alerts are despatched to a minimal of one individual after one other in any order.

9. Send non-urgent Check-In email/notifications with location message ( image) to say you're ok the place you are going to next.

10. Enable Auto-dialling Emergency Services (911 or any number) your emergency contacts are alerted while your telephone auto-dials 911.

11. Add a back-up speed-dial personal SOS quantity as a back-up to lift an alarm.

Use the App uncover more!

Free Trial, you determine to upgrade.

After the free trial your account will downgrade to a free a/c, SOS alerts will solely be despatched by e mail in-App notifications - add contacts emails ask them to get this App to get notifications, with out upgrading.


Terms of Use:

Privacy Policy:

---Good News---

- Your contacts DON'T require any App to receive Alerts.

- The app requires reception to use features. If no data is out there, the app creates an SMS message able to ship (back-up system) or name (speed-dial) the special No. proven in your App menu to start the SOS Alert process.

- Link your Amazon Alexa or Google Nest FREE.

America's Best Emergency SOS Signal Alert and Rescue App.

---You're NEVER ALONE with My SOS Family---