TorqueScan (Torque OBD Plugin)

TorqueScan (Torque OBD Plugin)

By Ian Hawkins

This is a plugin for the Torque professional OBD2 software that reveals all the information that Torque has access to as nicely as another features that some could find useful for OBD debugging.

* Quick and simple display of accessible ECU sensors

* OBD PID scanner to quickly map and find extended PIDs

* Simple Telnet server that enables direct connection to the adapter to permit far simpler debugging (aimed at developers)

The primary utility - Torque - lets you join your android gadget to your vehicles engine administration, and skim numerous sensors, even retrieve fault codes (DTC) and clear them once mounted. It can post to Twitter, log information, helps themes, and a lot more!

If you are interested in creating your own plugin then you can find an example app here(which makes use of AIDL):

Join the Torque forums (click the developer link below) for extra data or to ask questions!

Note: This plugin wants the complete version of Torque

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