Dinosaurs Are People Too

Dinosaurs Are People Too

By Pomelo Games

Dinosaurs Are People TooDinosaurs Are People TooDinosaurs Are People TooDinosaurs Are People TooDinosaurs Are People Too

Take your dinosaurs to the following stage in evolution!

A planet stuffed with dinosaurs is waiting for you to help them farm, mine, and construct the civilization they never received the prospect to start.

Imagine a world where extinction by no means happened… The dinos set off to discover a new path and now, it’s your probability to attain greatness with your personal dino civilization.

Ever questioned what the planet would look like? You have the answer at the tip of your fingers in a fun dino adventure, just tap and build your personal 3D dino civilization with the jurassic giants by your side.

Evolution is here!


When dinosaurs came out of their caves,

they found a little planet all of their own.

They realized how to farm and how to mine.

They labored, they constructed, they dreamt of bigger issues.

Until one day, the asteroid arrived, or did it?


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