Thisissand - Art, Creativity Relaxation

Thisissand - Art, Creativity Relaxation

By Beige Elephant

Thisissand - Art, Creativity RelaxationThisissand - Art, Creativity RelaxationThisissand - Art, Creativity RelaxationThisissand - Art, Creativity RelaxationThisissand - Art, Creativity Relaxation

Thisissand is a artistic playground for making and sharing footage out of sand:

• Get shocked by the random great thing about layered sand

• Relax and relieve stress and nervousness with falling sand therapy

• Sign up to share your pieces with others and turn out to be a part of the community

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• Free to download and free to play (offers an in-app purchase)

• Does not show ads

• Sign-up to construct your personal profile (optional)

• Purchase the Toolkit for particular options (optional)

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Thisissand was created in 2008 as a website. It was a school project of some art students, and to a shock for the creators it attracted plenty of guests for years to return. In 2012 Thisissand was developed into an app and is still run by one of the authentic creators.

Thisissand offers different sorts of instruments for choosing the sand colour. Originally, only the important Color Palette device was available. For the app, we've developed a couple of special sorts of tools which are available as the Toolkit in-app purchase. Just like on the net site, the special tools are under no circumstances necessary to enjoy the app, however we're pleased for your assist should you're prepared to strive them out.

We're very thankful for all our users who've been capable of help by purchasing, Thisissand would not exist without you!

COLOR PALETTE: Use Color Palette to choose specific colours from an unlimited swatch of colors. You may select a strong color, or a quantity of colours to variate between. Use the depth slider to regulate how fast the colours change. You may also use the randomize button to get stunning colour combos.

COLOR SHIFTER: Color Shifter continuously adjustments the sand colour subtly or dramatically relying on the intensity slider adjustment. Color Shifter often produces rainbow like hues. To set the initial Color Shifter shade, choose a shade with Color Palette after which select the Color Shifter tool.

COLOR PICKER: With Color Picker, you could choose the sand color from round you using your device digicam. It takes somewhat apply to point your camera and draw on the same time, however in return you get actually distinctive colours. Try adjusting the colour change intensity low to begin with to maintain issues underneath control!

PHOTO SAND: Want to strive making a sand model of considered one of your photos? Photo Sand picks the sand color directly from the photograph you've got chosen out of your digital camera roll. Try it out and study the tricks to make summary and/or photorealistic representations!

MY COLORS: Save your favourite colors in My Colors and access them quickly by lengthy urgent the colour button on the sand canvas. Try saving colors from around with Color Picker!

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We extremely value your suggestions and questions. Ideas and feature requests for instance are warmly welcome, despite the fact that with our scarce assets we're unfortunately not in a position to fulfil them in a brief time. So please do ship us e-mail should you're having hassle with the app or in case you have anything to share with us, thank you! :)

[email protected]

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