Hari #39;s Makeup(w.self acoustic)

Hari #39;s Makeup(w.self acoustic)

By Sandbox Network, Inc.

Hari #39;s Makeup(w.self acoustic)Hari #39;s Makeup(w.self acoustic)Hari #39;s Makeup(w.self acoustic)

Look like a star at a party or a beautiful princess by creating a wonderful look with make-up.

Character Makeup

Apply toner on a naked face, after which add basis for gorgeous-looking pores and skin.

Complete the brilliant and beautiful look with colour make-up.

Characters with diverse concepts

You can transform into numerous characters like a TV celebrity or a spooky Halloween character.

Unique, shade contact lenses

Choose the color contact lenses you want and add sparkle to your characters.

From deep darkish shades to vivid and vigorous hues, you'll have the ability to select a selection of lenses.

Various cheek colors

What cheek colours would go with Halloween makeup?

Choose the cheek shading shape you like and apply the make-up.

I’m the Star in the Photo

When you've got finished your make-up, strike a pose and take a photograph.

Become an attractive star with beautiful make-up.

Game features:

Create distinctive appears in your character with makeup

Dress up characters with charming costumes and hairstyles and take pictures

About Self Acoustic

The one-and-only stop motion animation channel beloved by millions of subscribers!

Play Hari’s Makeup, just like in the well-liked cease motion make-up animation!

Try new make-up concepts, living out a wonderful fantasy in a stop motion world with a mellow vibe.

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