Dog Evolution: Idle Merge Game

Dog Evolution: Idle Merge Game

By Tapps Games

Dog Evolution: Idle Merge GameDog Evolution: Idle Merge GameDog Evolution: Idle Merge GameDog Evolution: Idle Merge GameDog Evolution: Idle Merge Game

If you’re a canine individual and assume you realize everything about man’s finest pal, your world is about to be rocked! Mix puppy breeds like you’ve never seen earlier than and discover a whole new canine dimension that will depart you barking in such awe: the chances are much wow!

Dachshunds, beagles, corgies and retrievers are so final week. Evolved canine should have an extra eye or two to permit them to watch over their human friends more efficiently, or a handy horn just in case they get into the odd bar skirmish with a mutant unicorn. It’s your duty to let the canines out and assist them evolve!


• Pantheon: a model new place for supreme beings to look down on us mortals and snort at our misery

• Impostors: be careful for impostors attempting to steal the spotlight from the puppies


• Drag and drop similar puppies to create new mysterious doges

• Use dog eggs to earn cash, buy new creatures and make even more money

• Alternatively, fiercely tap a rabbit to make cash pop from their eggs


• Different levels and many dog species to discover

• A mind-blowing story with surprising twists

• The sudden mix of creature evolution dynamics and incremental clicker games

• Doodle-like illustrations

• Various possible endings: discover your destiny

• No dogs were harmed in the making of this recreation, only developers

The canine days have simply begun! Much enjoyable such wow!

Please note! This sport is free to play, but it incorporates items that can be bought for actual cash. Some options and extras mentioned within the description may also have to be purchased for actual cash.