Taiwan Mahjong - Standalone

Taiwan Mahjong - Standalone

By Sohomob Limited

Taiwan Mahjong - StandaloneTaiwan Mahjong - StandaloneTaiwan Mahjong - StandaloneTaiwan Mahjong - StandaloneTaiwan Mahjong - Standalone

Game Features:

★ Authentic Taiwanese Mahjong - 16 Mahjongs

★ Totally FREE!

★ Real-time leaderboards, evaluate with world players

★ Computer intelligence comparable to actual individuals, absolutely fair, no cheating

★ Record private data, anytime Check the occasions of consuming paste/self-touching

★ The sparrow is continuously up to date, and more features might be added. The company has another thirteen Guangdong Hong Kong sparrows

★ Stand-alone version


Your opinion is essential to us to update and enhance the sport !

If you have any problems with this system, or have some feedback on the sport, please report to support [email protected] (please embody the mannequin number and Android Version)

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