Bearded Super King

Bearded Super King

By FBE Games

Bearded Super KingBearded Super KingBearded Super King

Have enjoyable with the king of the taking part in cards game. It is comparable like barbu, hearts and tafferan games.


Super KING is also referred to as Rifki, Barbu, Hearts and Tafferan. It is a 4-person enjoying card sport that includes “penalties” and “trumps”. Normally, 20 games are performed and each player plays 3 penalties, 2 trumps.

At the start playing cards are handed out to all gamers and after cheking his cards the supplier decides which recreation that might be performed on the table (penalty or trump; if penalty, which penalty) and begins the game handing out the primary card. The goal for the trump games is to take as a lot hand as you'll have the ability to, and try not to take the panalty card for the penalty games.


King has following 6 penalty video games. Each penalty is played twice. Each penalty has totally different adverse ranks and recorded to gamers rank tables.

No Tricks

The aim of this game is to not win tricks. The winner of the trick is the very best card of the go well with performed. There is no trump in penalty video games. Each trick has -50 golds.

No Hearts

The goal of this recreation is to not win hearts. The player who can’t comply with the swimsuit can play some other card. Anyone who wins, takes the center that was handed out. A player should not begin a trick with Hearts until he holds no other suit. By the greatest way after a coronary heart handed out, each player can. Each heart has -30 golds.

No Queens

The goal of this recreation is not to win queens. The participant who can’t follow the swimsuit should hand out a queen. Anyone who wins, takes the queen that was handed out. If an ace or a king is on the desk, the player who has a queen of this suit must hand it out. Each queen has -100 golds.

No Boys

The aim of this sport is to not win kings or jacks. The participant who can’t comply with the go properly with should hand out an ace or a king. Anyone who wins, takes the jack/king that was handed out. If a higher card is on the desk which is more worthy than a jack or a king, the player who has a jack or a king of this go nicely with should hand it out. Each jack/king has -60 golds.

No Last 2

The purpose of this sport is not to win the last 2 tips. It just isn't necessary who won the opposite arms till the final two. Each trick is -180 golds.

No King

King of hearts as often recognized as KING in this recreation. The goal of this recreation is to not win king of hearts. In king of hearts game a player should not begin a trick with Hearts except he holds no other go nicely with. When the player can not follow suit and if he has King of Hearts, he must hand it out. The one who wins the trick takes KING. It is -320 golds.


The declarer results in the first trick. A trick is received by the highest trump in it, or if it accommodates no trump, by the highest card of the suit led. Players must observe go nicely with if possible, if they can not, they want to play a trump if they've any. The winner of a trick results in the next tremendous king recreation. Each trick is 50 golds.

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