Three Kingdoms Kill Public Beta

Three Kingdoms Kill Public Beta


Three Kingdoms Kill Public BetaThree Kingdoms Kill Public BetaThree Kingdoms Kill Public BetaThree Kingdoms Kill Public BetaThree Kingdoms Kill Public Beta

Three Kingdoms Killing Public Beta is an officially licensed cellular recreation, which is used for the common public test of the brand new mode Illusionary Realm.

——————Featured gameplay——————

Game features

1-Samurai system: cute pets come, servants On the ginseng.

Special Event

1-Illusionary Realm: PVE Breakthrough Mode, Start Your Adventure

Voice Control Welfare

Domestic first-line seiyuu, tailor-made traces and voices for each general, identical to visiting the battlefield of the Three Kingdoms!

*Zhen Ji: It looks as if the closing moon of the light cloud, and the swaying like the snow of the flowing wind.

*Sun Shangxiang: Husband, your health is important~

*Lu Xun: A modest gentleman, as mild as jade.

*Sima Yi: Destiny, hahahaha!

*Zhou Yu: Struggle, in the abyss of blood and darkness!

painter support

Blessed by wonderful painters, custom-made exclusive shapes for military commanders;

Fenghua Peerless Series: elegant and swish, closed moon and shameful flowers;

Conspiracy the world sequence: majestic, the pen is pleased with the mountains and rivers;

face-to-face confrontation sequence: ingenious, high inventive conception;

Festival particular series: holiday atmosphere, happy vacation.

Communication and Feedback

Customer Service Address:

Warm Tips

This software Due to the slight exposure of clothing, chess and card puzzles, it is categorized as supplementary degree 15 based on the classification management method of sport software.

This recreation is free to make use of, and the sport also provides paid providers corresponding to purchasing virtual game foreign money and items.

Play the sport for a really long time, please pay consideration to the usage time and avoid indulging in the sport.

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