Cerberus DMS

Cerberus DMS

By Siemens AG

Cerberus DMSCerberus DMSCerberus DMSCerberus DMSCerberus DMS

Cerberus DMS app lets an operator view and handle the alarms and objects of the hazard administration station Cerberus DMS from Siemens.

Available options:

1) Access to Cerberus DMS alarms primarily based on safety privileges

2) Filtering of the alarms based on category, discipline, status and time criteria

3) Commanding of alarms (acknowledge, reset, silence, un-silence)

4) Alarms notifications with filters against category

5) PIN code configuration to increase protection

6) Support of HTTPS connection

7) Sharing of alarm information via SMS and e-mails

8) Access to views to see present status of configured objects with risk of commanding them primarily based on security privileges


1) Danger administration station Cerberus DMS V2.1 (or higher) from Siemens installed with a valid license for Web Services

2) Secure network connection between Cerberus DMS hazard management station and Cerberus DMS app

Please contact your local Siemens sales partner for further information or go to www.siemens.com/cerberus-dms

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