Mobile Dashboard

Mobile Dashboard

By Autoxloo Solutions

Mobile DashboardMobile DashboardMobile DashboardMobile DashboardMobile Dashboard

Our SimCasts™ Mobile Dashboard offers web site functionality that’s been transformed right into a cellular software. Now the preferred options of the desktop model are available to your sellers anytime, wherever, and even when they’re away from the auction lanes.


- Generate fully-customizable auction and personal reports

- Remotely entry on-line auctions using their cellular devices

- Bid on vehicles online, both in-lane or when on the go

- Watch and listen to stay auctions in real-time

- Simultaneously watch a dual screen stream

- Pause/play/mute the stream at any time

- Easily message other patrons, the vendor or a clerk with any questions

- Monitor the car bid history

The Mobile Reporting characteristic permits dealers to generate fully-customizable and versatile public sale reports utilizing their cellular devices. Every registered consumer can evaluate the overall auction statistics, such as what number of autos have been offered at a selected occasion, and which ones weren’t offered. Additionally, registered customers can review their private auction assessments to find a way to make strategic selections about bidding and budgeting.

NOTE: To use the SimCasts™ Mobile Dashboard software, you have to be a subscribed consumer. To receive/renew a subscription to the appliance, please contact us at

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