OWM for Outlook Email OWA

OWM for Outlook Email OWA

By WWO Development

OWM for Outlook Email OWAOWM for Outlook Email OWAOWM for Outlook Email OWAOWM for Outlook Email OWAOWM for Outlook Email OWA

OWM Outlook Web Mobile is an e-mail app that let you use OWA in a sensible telephone pleasant format, with Auto Login and Email / Meeting Notification.

It is NOT compatible with GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Horde Mail, cPanel or any other mail provider.

Please contact us for customer support, or if you expertise any problem.

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You may contact us at:

[email protected]

Feature record:

- Email notification, auto examine for brand spanking new e-mail on a timed interval **

- Calendar appointment and meeting reminder, when enabled, auto set an alarm to alert you earlier than the event **

- Download fundamental information of calendar events to native calendar, for offline view, to make use of with third get together widget, and so forth.

- Blink LED indicator for brand spanking new e-mail and appointment/meeting reminder. (If device is compatible)

- Screen format reformatted to enhance usability on sensible phone screen

- Wide display mode for tablet

- Prefill username, password, auto login

- Schedule Off Time to lower energy and data utilization, or when you don't want to be connected to work email 24/7. When enabled, the app is not going to check for new e-mail or new/updated Calendar occasion in the course of the specified time interval, for example, from 6 PM to 7 AM. Applies to Notification only, you can still launch the app to verify e-mail manually.

- Desktop browser mode if your organization's OWA blocks access from cellular browser.

For common Office 365 with Exchange, use internet tackle: https://outlook.office365.com/owa

For Office 365 with ADFS login, use internet tackle:

https://www.outlook.com/MyCompany.com, exchange MyCompany.com with your company's e mail handle domain.

** For notification to work, Auto Login should be able to convey you directly to Inbox whenever you launch the app.

*** Upload attachment requires File Explorer, download anyone from Google Play if the phone doesn't come with one.