Luperox® Organic Peroxides

Luperox® Organic Peroxides

By Arkema Inc.

Luperox® Organic PeroxidesLuperox® Organic PeroxidesLuperox® Organic Peroxides

The Luperox® Organic Peroxide Cross Reference app helps customers to seek out Luperox® natural peroxides and compare them to other merchandise out there.

With the Luperox® Organic Peroxide Cross Reference app, you possibly can:

Use the product list dropdown to select a product, and see how it compares to a Luperox® product

Search for a product using the search box, and evaluate it to a Luperox® product

Call or send a message to an Arkema representative to receive information on prices and availability

Luperox® organic peroxides by Arkema are important to the polymer and rubber industries around the globe. Luperox® organic peroxides are used in varied purposes, including crosslinking, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrenes, composites, acrylics, skin care, photovoltaics, adhesives, shortstoppers and other specialty functions.

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