Expense Reporting and Approval - Zoho

Expense Reporting and Approval - Zoho

By Zoho Corporation

Expense Reporting and Approval - ZohoExpense Reporting and Approval - ZohoExpense Reporting and Approval - Zoho

Automate expense recording, track mileage and submit expense stories on the go!

Zoho Expense automates business and journey expense management. It dramatically reduces the time required to record receipts, prepare expense stories and get them approved. Zoho Expense is a real perk for touring workers, for managers who have stacks of expense stories awaiting approval. Here's what Zoho Expense provides:

* Store receipts digitally. Drop the paper receipts.

* Tracking mileage. With an in-built GPS tracker and Maps, Zoho expenses information mileage expenses in your everyday trips.

* Automate recording of bills. Zoho Expense mechanically creates bills from the receipts you upload. With auto scan feature, all major details like date, amount, and so forth, are captured within the expense.

* Import credit card statements. Connect your bank card to Zoho Expense and all of your day by day card transactions might be imported. You can click on and convert the statements into expenses.

* Easy expense reporting. Tap to batch expenses together to create an expense report and submit to your supervisor through e-mail, you can even share your expense reviews. You also can print your expense reports utilizing google cloud print.

* Record expenses offline. Sync them up later when you are online again.

* Analytics. Get a fast view of your corporation expenditure anytime.

Our mobile app is a extension of our web utility Zoho Expense https://www.zoho.com/expense . Download Signup for a 28 - DAY FREE TRIAL to handle your small business expense stories on the go.

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