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This program collects scriptures commonly utilized in daily life, work and examine of the Taoist orthodoxy. It is convenient for you to read at any time if you end up free or need.

Adapt to a quantity of display sizes.

Currently included scriptures embody:

Zhengyi morning and night homework scriptures

Three official treasure scriptures

Beidou Zhenjing

The God of Wealth, Fortune and Treasure Repentance

Tao Dao Zhenjing

Salvation of Human Beings

One hundred and 100 answers to the Taoist teachings

Daoist Culture

Daoist sects

Daoist Etiquette

Daoist Zhiwu Taoist Temple

Ask Baida's Lu Xue Dao Cultivation

Ask Baida's Seven Taoist Taboo

Ask Baida's Eight Taoist Costumes

Ask the Hundred Answers of the Nine Patriarch Xianzhen

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