The clear Quran AlQuran AlMubeen

The clear Quran AlQuran AlMubeen

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The clear Quran AlQuran AlMubeenThe clear Quran AlQuran AlMubeenThe clear Quran AlQuran AlMubeen

AlQuran AlMubeen Application

An software with a wonderful design, distinctive content material and simple to make use of:-

- A distinctive trendy design: it consists of three fashions for shopping the pages of the Quran and a quantity of other languages for the interface, with straightforward navigation between the surahs and Ayaat with the feature of night studying.

- Interpretations and translations: It contains a quantity of interpretations, including the easy interpretation, the interpretation of Ibn Katheer, Gharib AlQuran, and many others. You can obtain the interpretation to be saved for one time and start benefiting from this service offline later.

- Quran recitation: the most famous reciters may be listened at anytime and wherever.

- Memorizing the Quran: The memorization service is a distinctive service in the utility of the Qur’an shown, and it permits the consumer to select the reader and the number of repetitions with ease.

- Khatma of the Quran: Be diligent in your Khatma using this service, which offers you with a quantity of options to choose on the suitable time on your seal whereas reminding you of it via its scheduled alarm.

- Search: Search simply for any Ayaat/Surah and shorten your time.

- My recordsdata: save your favorite Ayaat and put the comma on the web page you need to return to later and add your notes.

Contribute to the dissemination of the applying and you might be rewarded by Allah.

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