Tanach Bible - Hebrew / English

Tanach Bible - Hebrew / English

By AA Rosenbaum

Tanach Bible - Hebrew / EnglishTanach Bible - Hebrew / EnglishTanach Bible - Hebrew / EnglishTanach Bible - Hebrew / EnglishTanach Bible - Hebrew / English

Browse, search and examine the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) with Tanach Bible, the

ideal study software for the Hebrew and English Bible. Tanach Bible options

crisp Hebrew textual content with exact placement of Hebrew vowels and cantillation

marks, and verse-by-verse synchronization between Hebrew, English, and

Rashiʼs commentary. Continuously resizable textual content permits for snug

viewing on all devices (Android 4.2 or later).

Tanach Bible is on the market for all Android variations. For customers with gadgets

running Android 4.2 or later, a new person interface with many enhancements

has been added. The new person interface contains simpler navigation,

pinch-to-resize for the Tanach textual content screens, and night mode.

Tanach Bible contains the Hebrew textual content and English translation of:

• Torah - Five Books of Moses

• Nevi'im - Prophets

• Ketuvim - Writings

• Hebrew text of Rashi on the complete Tanach

Great Features!

• Easy navigation to all books of the Bible

• Long press on any chapter number to go on to any chapter/verse

• Option to view Chumash by weekly and particular Torah readings

• Haftarah readings are related to Torah readings

• View Rashi and Hebrew textual content in parallel columns

• View English or Hebrew textual content in flowing passage or in verse-by-verse


• View Hebrew and English textual content in parallel columns with Rashi text below

• View Hebrew and English textual content in parallel columns

• View Rashi commentary in regular Hebrew or ‘Rashi script’

• Bookmark verses

• Sort bookmarks by most up-to-date or by book

• Full text search in Hebrew

• Full textual content search in English

• Copy or share on social media on a verse or range of verses

• Choice of English or Hebrew user interface

• Add a note to a verse, search and type notes (Android 4.2 and later only)

For users operating Android 4.2 or later, Tanach Bible makes use of native Android

keyboards to support Hebrew text enter for search and notes. Enable Hebrew

for your keyboard via the Android Settings, or set up a Hebrew keyboard

from Google Play.

For users working earlier variations of Android, Tanach Bible requires no

special Hebrew help. It’s constructed into the app!

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