Die Vogel App!

Die Vogel App!

By Dörte Krüger

Die Vogel App!Die Vogel App!Die Vogel App!Die Vogel App!Die Vogel App!

Clear and straightforward to make use of - the fowl app is for curious bird watchers! the ideal companion. A perform for collecting your own observations with feedback, pictures and sighting location should simply be fun and encourage you to maintain an eye fixed out for new bird species in nature.

You can discover a detailed description and directions on the AmazingNature YouTube channel by Michael Leidel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1R7qiIMjgk

Even inexperienced users can determine the observed bird in just a few steps:

Clear characteristic filters for habitat, Size, plumage shade and form limit the variety of attainable bird species.

For most species, the bird's voice may be performed.

Similar chook species may be directly compared utilizing a function.

The individual chook species are described in detail, all photographs and texts are integrated into the app and can be used offline (ideal for holidays with out internet access).

Detailed descriptions are available for:

Photos (also aerial photo er, male, female, winter plumage, breeding plumage)

Special characteristics


Worth knowing





Own bird observations can be recorded and displayed as a listing or on a map:

Recording of feedback, date /Time, place

Take and assign your own photos

Display your individual observations as a list and on a map

Contents of the Vogel App!:

235 frequent European chook species

206 photos

150 fowl calls


Can also be used offline

All recorded observations remain non-public on the device

The Vogel App! I developed it in a private pastime project. Many photos and the fowl calls had been made obtainable to me by associates, nature photographers and bird name collectors.

I would particularly prefer to thank

Andreas Trepte, http://www.photo-natur .de/ for the good chook pictures that I was allowed to use

Sören Rust from Nabu for the energetic cooperation and sending us probably the most stunning photos

Stefan Wehr, http://www.vogelstimme- wehr.de/ for the various stunning bird calls that I was allowed to integrate into the app

Wolfram Riech, http://www.wolframs-naturfotos.de/ for the equally unbelievable nature photos

Hans-Wilhelm Grömping, http://www.naturschule.de/, for the equally great photos

Our friends and relatives, who at the second are walking via nature with the digicam and looking for chook species for the app maintain.

Michael Leidel for the good video about my Vogel App!

I wish you lots of enjoyable with the Vogel App!

Dörte Krüger

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