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Spiritual Quotes - DailySpiritual Quotes - DailySpiritual Quotes - DailySpiritual Quotes - DailySpiritual Quotes - Daily

Change your self and you've got done your part in altering the world. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

The Spiritual Quotes app is influenced by Eastern, Sufi and Indian Spirituality and traditions that originated from East Asian religions (Shintoism, Taoism, Zen Buddhism and Confucianism), Indian religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, etc) and Sufism. The timeless phrases of knowledge from nice masters and from yore have had a fantastic impact on thinkers, philosophers, and other people generally around the world.

The Daily Spiritual Quotes app is a hand-picked collection of quotes on Spirituality from masters like Paramahansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi), Buddha, Ram Dass, Lao Tzu (Laozi, writer of writer of the Tao Te Ching), Rumi, Thich Nhat Hanh (the well-known Vietnamese Buddhist Monk), Swami Vivekananda, Bhagavad Gita, Osho, Zen Sayings and more.

Features of the Daily Spiritual Quotes App:


* Handpicked, inspirational non secular quotes.*

* Simple, elegant and delightful design, straightforward on the eyes.

* Authors part, that has a synopsis of the Spiritual grasp together with the quotes.

* Elegant backgrounds to select from.

* Change the font-size, background of the quote.

* Download the Quote as an image.

* Quick search that permits you to search for quotes by typing in a keyword or the writer identify.

* View the quotes in playing cards or increase them full screen with stunning backgrounds to select from.

* Add a quote to your Favorites by clicking on the Heart icon. You can then select the Favorites quotes from the menu for later viewing.

* Share quotes on Email, Facebook Whatsapp, SMS. You can also copy the quote to the clipboard.

* Receive day by day notification of select quotes and be impressed. You can even choose the time of the notification.

* The best part is that it works Offline, would not require an Internet connection!