Pineapple Bun Light Novel-Light Novel Comics Audiobook

Pineapple Bun Light Novel-Light Novel Comics Audiobook

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Pineapple Bun Light Novel-Light Novel Comics AudiobookPineapple Bun Light Novel-Light Novel Comics Audiobook

More than a hundred,000 gentle novels will help you do away with the e-book shortage. Here, you can freely hearken to and browse books anytime, anyplace, easily download all types of full books, completed novels, comics, and e-books, and benefit from the fun of studying. The entire library helps audio studying mode to satisfy the needs of lazy individuals to listen to books.

—— Best-selling comics, information to getting into the pit——

Genuine Japanese mild novel

Sword Art Online Re:From Zero-Started Life in Another World Overlord: The King of the Undead

Popular Serial Light Novels

The Retirement Life of the King of Martial Arts Hero? I've been mistaken for a long time, The Fragmented Life Under the Control of the Sick Girl, Becoming a Witch in a World Full of Weird Talks, The Blood Princess and the Knight, The Lord Doesn't Matter, The Silver Dragon Queen Turned into a Young Dragon Princess I The Empress's Fake Heavenly Master is ready for you to open the door to another world~

Free every day replace full-color comics

The Complete Book of Demons, The Strongest in History, I'm Gao Fu Shuai, Because I'm an Uncle Who Opens a Weapons Store, A Hundred Tricks, The Night Punisher, Zhu Tian Ji, The Sweet Wife is Too Sweet, the Emperor's Child Loves Heaven, The Strong Return of the Reborn Giants is passionate, There are 10 flavors similar to campus, reasoning, journey, romance, and so on. Which one do you want to taste?

Professional CV dubbing radio drama

The Wife I Got Tied is a Fairy, The Lord's Harem Growth Diary, The Unemployed Demon King, I just need to domesticate into an immortal Professional male and female CV dubbing for Develop a Female Apprentice and How the Holy Maiden Can Be a Boy, let your ears experience an unprecedented auditory feast.

【Classification of huge gentle novels】

Battle in another world, pure love everyday, Demon King Brave, audio novel, funny mind gap, fan fiction, superhero, farming infinite stream, invincible system , Thriller Reasoning, Pseudo-Niang Jiaojiao, Historical Martial Arts, Sisters and Sisters, Raising Fairy Tale, Mecha Science Fiction and other audio novels are all available, super-textured studying experience, say goodbye to the accompanying ads within the reading process! Support TXT and other mobile phone studying modes!

——Come, come, look here, unlock the little secret of pineapple buns——

● Lazy individuals listen to books: free your arms and listen to your requests;

● Deep complaints with pals: Hot, deep, and unscrupulous guide critiques and complaints are available, so that you are now not alone when studying novels

● Reading books without internet: quick cache native , Offline browsing is simple and comfortable

● Local WiFi book transfer: native txt with out knowledge cable, direct WiFi on to mobile phone, open to read

● high-value reading artifact: exquisite The illustrations are fully introduced, and you can really feel the original gentle novel studying experience. Simple however not simple chapter reading expertise, customized colour matching, automated web page turning settings, font size, and so forth., make Pineapple Bun actually your individual personal reader!

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