40 hadiths (An-Nawawi)

40 hadiths (An-Nawawi)

By dimach.cassiope

40 hadiths (An-Nawawi)40 hadiths (An-Nawawi)

This utility incorporates the forty hadiths of the Imam Nawawi, which are a concise assortment of genuine statements of the Allah's Messenger: Muhammad (saw). These hadiths, highlight essentially the most basic ideas of the religion of Islam.

The software is translated into several languages and to facilitate studying, each Hadith is accompanied by its phonetic transcription as properly as its audio lecture.

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A choice of short 122 ahadeeth with references from its genuine sources like Saheeh Bukhari, Muslim and others.Highlights of the app:1) Smooth and straightforward swiping between hadeeth2) Directly jump to any hadeeth. Just press the hadeeth number button on the highest.