Rumeng Bookstore - Massive Novel E-Book Reader

Rumeng Bookstore - Massive Novel E-Book Reader

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Rumeng Bookstore - Massive Novel E-Book ReaderRumeng Bookstore - Massive Novel E-Book ReaderRumeng Bookstore - Massive Novel E-Book Reader

Download Rumeng Bookstore, all kinds of in style novels could be read unlimitedly. The most full legendary novel, with quality and quantity, fast update, complete classification, save the e-book scarcity for you, and create an exquisite novel world for you.

Mass of good books

President, city, time travel, fantasy, supernatural, immortal, rebirth, suspense, and so forth., provide you with every little thing you need.

Real-time update

The e-book is always one step forward, and the most recent chapters are the first to read, so you don't miss any thrilling content.

【Intelligent Recommendation】

According to your preferences, you can customize the unique guide record, and it is rather easy to find books.

Personal Settings

Traditional and simplified switching, page turning impact, font dimension, reading background and other settings are comfy and free.

High-quality experience

There are no ads in the whole course of, reading data are automatically saved, and chapter updates are instantly reminded, which is full of experience.

【Limited Free Daily】

Seven books a day, select good books are free for a limited time, just learn it when you've time, it doesn't price anything anyway.

Super many benefits

Newbie benefits, sign-in benefits, studying benefits, and benefits are stacked, guaranteed to be soft.

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