Wood Crafter: Woodworking App

Wood Crafter: Woodworking App

By Innovative Tomato

Wood Crafter: Woodworking AppWood Crafter: Woodworking AppWood Crafter: Woodworking AppWood Crafter: Woodworking AppWood Crafter: Woodworking App

Wood Crafter is the ultimate reference and calculator device for woodworkers. Features include calculators, wooden species library, joinery references, and extra:

* Wood species library containing 31 species with footage, descriptions, and characteristics

* Lumber grades grain orientation

* Nominal-to-actual wooden measurement chart

* Joint library containing 14 joints with visible graphics, descriptions, and uses

* Adhesives screw guides

* Suite of calculators: fraction, decimal, board foot/volume, half that, and more

* Fraction/decimal/metric conversion charts

* Drill press pace charts for twist, brad point, and forstner bits

* Woodworking glossary with over 300 terms

* Tips and Tricks

*Tool Guide

* Wood Finishing library

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