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Find a GraveFind a GraveFind a Grave

The helpful Find A Grave just obtained handier. Find and visit a liked one’s final resting place anyplace, anytime. Request a headstone picture or snap one your self and share it instantly. Honor your ancestors by creating memorials. All this and more with only a few taps.


Access the biggest online assortment of burial info for free

Locate grave websites of your family members through a simple search

Search tens of millions of photographs, 1000's added daily

Request gravestone pictures from over 200,000 volunteers around the world

Find cemeteries near you, fulfill photo requests, publish instantly

Create memorials with bios and photos

Share discoveries via Facebook, emails, text messages

Manage your profile and see the profiles of others

observe your individual memorials, photographs, and digital cemeteries

Get assist from our full-time assist staff