Boxing : Technique and Tactics

Boxing : Technique and Tactics

By BrainSoftDuo

Boxing : Technique and TacticsBoxing : Technique and TacticsBoxing : Technique and Tactics

The Boxing App : Technique and Tactics is useful for the beginner or professional boxer. You will discover ways to strike correctly, set up protection, and tactically fight.

The first part of the application consists of training supplies for a novice boxer, special workout routines, fundamental boxing training methods, lessons for daily.

The second a half of the application is dedicated to the historical past of boxing, technique, tactics, physiological and psychological preparation of a boxer, questions of principle and methods of conducting coaching sessions. Much attention is paid to medical and pedagogical control, hygiene and boxer regimen, as properly as work with novice athletes.

The third a part of the appliance is a information for instructors of boxing sections and schools, for boxer athletes. The guide covers intimately the boxing technique, problems with education and coaching, ways and technique of the match, group and conduct of competitions; the guide provides instructions on the equipment used during boxing, as well as on medical control and boxer self-control.

The utility supports night mode and offline mode (without the Internet), there's a search, favorites. The app remembers the place you left off for every category. Thanks to this, you'll find a way to later resume studying from the identical place. Also marks the story as learn (green flag) or in the strategy of studying (yellow).

The articles are divided into categories: Teachings of A.I. Bulycheva, exemplary classes of the 1st and 2nd year of study, phrases in boxing, teachings of M.I. Romanenko, boxing textbook, boxing elements, boxing manual, his majesty blow, teachings of A.F. Goetier

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