Ibadi Scholars Series

Ibadi Scholars Series

By Omani Muslim

Ibadi Scholars SeriesIbadi Scholars SeriesIbadi Scholars SeriesIbadi Scholars SeriesIbadi Scholars SeriesIbadi Scholars Series

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon essentially the most honorable prophets and messengers, our master Muhammad, the faithful informant, and his family and companions, and those who adopted them in goodness till the Day of Judgment.

As for what follows: It is God’s grace for this nation to be judged in it. Scholars who have adopted over time raise the banner of religion and defend its pure state.

The Ibadhi heritage has loved a special fashion of historical writing represented in attributing the burden of the belief of faith generally and transferring the sciences of Sharia by way of the ages in a pure series of distinguished students or what is thought By the lineage of religion, which is (a type of biographies of the Ibadhis, which is worried with documenting the scholars who carried knowledge and religion from the presence of the Messenger of God - might God’s prayers and peace be upon him - till our current time). The validity of the religion on this lineage, for the explanation that Ibadis have been eager for the rationale that starting of their name to depend on the sources of Islamic law and follow the proof no matter who said it in succession from the predecessor. Debt Lineage Series from the Eastern Omani Scholars.

These translations which have reached us are however the tip of the iceberg of their aromatic biographies and their bright pages, in order that we are able to contemplate their situation and imitate their steerage and acquire from them lofty values ​​such as justice, piety, diligence, tolerance and different virtues in a time when mental deviations abounded.

>Then appended to each century chosen fragments of articles, poems and Ibadhi biographies that show some of their strategy and features of their thought.

And to facilitate those who wished to expand on the subjects of those articles, we hooked up a web page entitled “What are the links” you'll find after coming into a button about the program. .”

The imams who preserved the true religion with them // From the day it was said, “God’s religion has religions.”

Hunting of secrets, the daddy of wrath, the lion of evil, // the sun of determination, the vainness of monks

The ships of salvation The guides of the individuals are their leaders//Purify the secrets and techniques of Islam for walls

Blooded for the victory of God themselves/// Their souls in the reason for God are sacrifices

The gentle will shine upon them in creation and in creation// and their steerage shall be a transparent year of whiteness

They are sure by the rule of God, their knowledge // Their delusion is wherever the guidance is.

These persons are my lights, I information them // Their love is pardon and forgiveness. The universe is a possibility

Finally, might Allah reward everyone with goodness We contributed to the preparation of this application, and our last prayer is praise be to God, Lord of the worlds.

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Praise be to God, who's worthy of worship, the conciliator and guide for many who want to follow the path of happiness, who singled out folks and made them leaders in goodness, and established them in the religion and praised him, and prayers and peace be upon the leader of the management, and...