Spiritual Combat (Scupoli)

Spiritual Combat (Scupoli)

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Spiritual Combat (Scupoli)Spiritual Combat (Scupoli)Spiritual Combat (Scupoli)Spiritual Combat (Scupoli)

It was the bedside e-book of Saint Francis de Sales, who turned aware of it during his research in Padua in 1588. This e-book accompanied him all through his life. He read it each month in full. He even translated it into French. The Bishop of Geneva discovered the Combat clear and fully practicable. Nevertheless, this quite austere book just isn't suitable for Christians dwelling on the planet. This is why he wrote the Introduction to the Devout Life for them.

It must be noted that the 1589 edition has solely thirty-three chapters. Because of the success of Spiritual Combat, the Theatines elevated the number of chapters, in order that there are sixty-six in the current editions. There are a number of French translations, including that of Father Lajeunie (Robert Morel editor, 1966). This is predicated on the unique Venice version.

Francis Scupoli (1530 - 1610) was an Italian Theatine monk.